Using LocationForms You can collect virtually all data types you can ever think about . Data ranging from text(text, image, video, bar_code,  Audio, recordings, File, qr_code, camera, paragraph, radio, button, check, box, select, options, scale, grid, date, time), images, audio, video, document, bar code, QR code,  gps coordinates. A lot of people take advantage of the gps embedded feature on LocationForms to also know the location of every form filler or where such report was submitted.

LocationForms is an information collection platform that allows the collection of location-based data from anywhere in the world. Be it textual (check box, select, text, email, phone, numbers, etc) or media(audio, camera picture, documents, videos etc), bar-code, QR codes, etc  as long as the information can be collected in digital format, LocationForms can help you collect it. The platform is designed to be easy for anyone to use, whether student or researcher, business or government. Map view and excel display of the responses also provide better context, to enhance the speed of analytic and decision making.

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