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What is LocationForm all About

LocationForms is a mobile and web app base platform designed specifically to gather location based information from the public. LocationForms provide an effective and timely means of receiving all kinds of information remotely from anywhere in the world. Information received through this platform is presented in an easily analyzable format. Information gathered is of maximum security with no external access.

You can collect virtually all data formats you can ever think about using locationforms. Data ranging from text, images, audio, video, document, bar code, QR code and gps. A lot of people take advantage of the location-aware feature on locationForms to also know the location of every form filler for the form they created or where such report was submitted from.

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LocationForms is a very easy to use platform for different purposes such as research, information survey, feedback from customers, customer complaint, product ordering, I-witness for TV stations & Media Houses etc. As long as you need to collect data/information from people, LocationForms can help you achieve your goal.

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