Use of LocationForms in the Telecom Industry

Posted by on Apr 29, 2016 in Use Cases
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Getting feedback from subscribers and field employees, monitoring field teams, collecting reports from remote teams can all be done via mobile phones using LocationForms.

Paper forms that cause clutter and confusion due to variances in handwriting can no longer be an issue. Simply creating a report form for your field team can put and to paper issues forever. Subscribe all your team members to the form and there is no excuse for not turning in their reports plus it saves your team members time that they would spend preparing the report from their paper field forms.

Incorporating the GPS coordinates of the locations where the forms were submitted from, which locationforms does naturally, helps you prove they were actually on site. Submission of media (images, videos, barcode, QR code, etc.) can serve as additional proof of workdone.

To monitor the security of your sub-stations, you can create an alert form for the people in the vicinity to immediately alert you when anybody comes to tamper with your equipment or facilities.

All reports are received in real-time and can be extended to perform automatic actions by your developer via LocationForms Pipe2server feature.

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