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Locationforms mobile applications  is specifically designed with the aim of providing convenience in filling and accessing various forms. To fully explore the benefits and uses of locationforms, it is advisable you have the mobile app downloaded on your phone. Some benefit of having the mobile app on your phone include (but not limited to the below):

  • Provide a quick means of subscribing to and filling any form. Some organisations use the platform for their recruitment exercise where there are vacancies for only the first few applicants. Locationforms app gives you daily notification of all available forms which you can subscribe to immediately including various Job opportunity and others beneficial ..
  • Installing the app makes you an automatic member of the LocationForms community preview to certain locationforms privileges only available to LocationForms App users.
  • Enables you to report event happening around you. Some TV stations use this as Iwitness where people can report incident happening around them.
  • Enables you to determine the status of every form filled whether sent or pending as shown in the form response section of the mobile app.
  • Opportunities and rewards from time to time from Multinationals,form creators and Researchers

Download the App free on PlayStore below (other platforms coming soon)
Get it on Google Play

Exploring the LocationFOrms app

To use the mobile application, you need to register. Click on the REGISTER button after installing the application from Playstore


Fill the registration form and Click SIGN UP set role to user and time zone to Continent/city with your same timezone


Hurray!!! Sign up successful. Always use your sign up detail to login anytime you logout.

My Form tab

All forms subscribed to will always show up here. (learn about form subscription here). You can select a form  you have been subscribed to under My Forms Tab to start filling the form.


Response tab

This layout shows the status of every Response made to a form. For example, if you fill a form and submit, but it has not been delivered such forms will be displayed as pending on this page for you to re-sync. A delivered report will not appear on the Response layout.


Marketplace Tab

This is the market place page where you have all PUBLIC forms created by all locationforms user displayed. The market place allows you to search for a particular form from the series of available forms categorized into various relevant categories. Once you locate a form of interest it is important that you subscribe to the form before you can have access to filling the form.



Under settings you can set your file upload option to be via mobile data + wifi or wifi alone, check your Reward points and other account/app releated settings


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