ABC of Setting up your Custom Forms on LocationForms

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Using location Forms involves the following simple steps:

  • Form creation:

From your Dashboard, Click on Create New form,  then create your form field easily using our form creating tools as shown in the image below. (learn more from our from creation video).

Create new form from dashboard

Click on Create new form or the plus sign

form creator

Create Form Fields from array of form elements to meet your requirements.

  • Form URL Creation:

Once forms as been created, you need to create URL for the form from your dashboard as below



Create URL

Click on Options on the Form name you just created

Enter URL name and click ok on LocationForms

Enter your Prefered URL name and click ok i.e in this case will be the subscription link fot this form

After creating the form form URL simply refersh or reload the page, the form link will appear on hover on the form name created as below


Form Link you can Click on the link to go to Form Subscription Page

in this above example the form subscription page will be accessible via LOCATIONFORMS.COM/BSFMEMBERSHIP through this link people can subscribe to your form to fill it on their App or on Web.

  • Form Subscription:

After creating a form URL, next you can send this link to people to subscribe for your form/ you can subscribe them, to subscribe alot of people at once, you can simply use the mass subscription feature on your dashboard

Subscription Page

Enter Email to subscribe to form created

  • Form Filling:

After subscribing for your form, the subscriber goes to his/her LocationForms App and sees your form under my forms and starts filling the form.

  • Form Submission

After filling the form the user submits the form and in realtime you get the response on your response page of that form


Form will be seen in Myform tab of the App


User fills the form on App


User Submits the response


  • Form Response Receipt:

After you receive the responses to your forms in real-time, you can view the responses in different ways that allow for easy analysis, mapping, processing and even retrieval in spreadsheet for your further analysis.

View response

Click on View Response.

Response chart

Analysis on Subscription Page

Response view

Response List

response in spreadsheet

View response on Excel

Response on Map clustered

View Clustered response on May

response files

Download associated files

All response tells you the exact location where the responses were sent from automatically.

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